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Simply clever

Relaxing mind twisting game

Beautiful and addictive

The game is very smart, takes you to a very relaxing place from which you dont wanna leave. Very addictive!


Very good game!


Muito Legal


Great and funny puzzle


Its an incredible game, perfect❤️❤️

Simple, but not so simple

Fun puzzle with some mind-bending Escher shapes. :)

Fun to play

Get it


Plays great addicting and so much fun!


I was promised a challenge and met with childs play. The game is as simple as it looks.

Very unique an cool

I really like the mechanics in this game an also the illusions its a very well put together game I love puzzle games!

Purdy good

I solved 80 in one session. Escher is alive...

So Zen!

Love this game and the music helps to clear the mind and the path!

So good!

Tons of fun!

interesting app

love playing it.

Great game.

Great game. Glad I got it while it was free.


This idea seems to be from the Monument Valley. But thats okay. And they made a such a boring game.......much much more boring than Monument Valley.. 2 stars only for the programmer. The designer deserves none.


This game is addictive.

Brain melting fun!!!

Amazing use of optical illusions to create puzzles. Challenging, addictive and brain melting fun!

Simple yet mindblowing

Great integration of those impossible shapes. Visually simplified monument valley, yet more challenging

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