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Come una droga. Da non perdere.

Zen circus

Rilassante,Pacifico,intrigante,super sound

Good game

Pretty cool game



Well worth it

I have played though the whole game a couple times. And keep coming back because it’s so relaxing.

Cool 😎 mind game!!

I enjoy this app and game, makes you concentrate and the 3D it awesome!

About “Pocus”

So you basically removed pocus from the AppStore and put back the same thing with a different title on it as puzzlement?

beautiful + intelligent game

hocus is a gentle game that’s perfect to twist and turn through while listening to podcasts or just relaxing. I love the minimal design and simple gameplay.

Mind bending challenge

The best puzzle/maze I have found anywhere! The hard part is waiting for more puzzles and challenges. Wonderful brain food!!!



Music never changes

The puzzles are very tough and occasionally blew my mind. But the music was off putting and I deleted the game after 20 levels.


Sure, the concept is ok, but only 100 levels for a game that costs money? I would rather play a free game with over 3,000 levels than this.

Excellent if...

It will be excellent if there is a dark mode with dark background for iPhone X users.

Good for my brain!

I enjoy doing this a few times a month. It makes me feel so accomplished as I move up in levels (I don't think that the 70 puzzle is necessarily harder than the 80th though).

Beautiful, but boring

Games like this are beautifully crafted and pretty to look at but the novelty quickly wears off when you realize how easy they are. There isn’t much strategy to these levels, you just can swipe around in a relatively limited number of paths until you win.


This game is honestly amazing and challenging also kinda makes it easy to break your phone so make sure you have apple care + before you download

The best puzzle game!

This is by far my favorite puzzle game on any platform ever! Thanks for making such a great game!!

Hours of challenging fun

It seems simple at first, but it fast becomes challenging. Hours of fun, with M. C. Escher-inspired puzzles.


Very nice game

v2.x.x Crashes On Launch (iOS 7.1.2)

(iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2) I enjoyed the initial release of this entertaining game. But the bug I originally reported for (v2.0.0), under iOS 7.1.2, persists unchanged in (v2.1.0) – Hocus reliably crashes, immediately on launch. Pls. see the following crash log (excerpt): Dyld Error Message: Symbol not found: _UIApplicationOpenSettingsURLString Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/hocus.app/hocus Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/UIKit in /var/mobile/Applications/hocus.app/hocus Dyld Version: 324.1

Actually Fun

An actually fun/challenging puzzle game. It's unique and creative and really challenges ones special skills. While still being a very fun puzzle game we haven't had new maps in forever and it doesn't look like that will change. You're paying for 100 maps folks.

Fun Puzzle Game

Super fun puzzle game !

Mental Exercise

I love this game because it keeps my mind thinking with all the exercise of figuring out the puzzles.

Betty and Boop

Really enjoy the app

Only game where I keep the sound on

Hocus Pocus. The name makes very little sense, but the game is intriguing, challenging, and satisfying. The background spa music and satisfying little tick sounds as the block moves along the pathway make for a great experience. Probably the only game for which I've written a review--well deserved.


Great game 10000/10

Excellent Non-Euclidean puzzle game

This puzzle game makes you think in a new way, where you might be surprised even when you think you have it all figured out. I'd personally recommend actually trying to solve it instead of randomly moving the cube; you'll feel smarter if you do.



Loved it

Really nice easy going good to pass time!

Great game. Great music. Awesome concept.

I don't leave reviews for games. I don't because I find very few that actually stimulate more than one of my senses. This is one of those rare games that does. There's a gorgeous Zen soundtrack and challenging puzzles that place solutions in the wide open, daring you to find them.


So much fun love it want more levels. Addictive finished too soon.


Challenging, relaxing, entertaining.

Best brain game ever!

Awesome puzzles game! Don't hesitate, just get the game!

Very fun. Very challenging. Very simple.

This Escher-like game is one of my favorites. I prefer spatial games anyway but this one has combined the attributes that I think are important in a game perfectly. Lots of levels. I'm only in the 60s out of 100, but I only play it when I have a few moments to spare between doing other things. And that is also a plus because you can do a level in a few minutes rather than having to commit yourself to finishing a long duration level as I've seen in other games.


This game really makes you think. I enjoy playing it in the mornings to help me wake up.

Fantastic App

Brilliant idea, I can't wait for more levels

Great game!

Reminds me of monument valley with more levels. I love it!

Boxed In!!!!

This game is so involving. You cannot put this down. The next puzzle is better every time. Love it!!!


I have so many levels to play! Thank you! 😄

Hard but very fun

This game is hard at sometimes but it is fun to figure things out along the way


This is an awesome game. It really keeps your mind going.

Awesome Game!👏🏾✨

Though very simplistic, I actually really love this game. It's a great way to unwind and relax. The background music/sounds are great. I would recommend anyone to give this game a try, just be careful it is addicting 😋


Makes you go in circles sometimes but is always fun

It's a great game

It's challenging so it makes it fun

Hypnotically Addictive

Kick back into auto-pilot, and just navigate through different planes as you attempt to place the cube into the hole. Hocus has twists and turns that never seem to end.

Excellent game

Good puzzles. Variety of difficulty. Very straightforward. No coins, iap, just level after level. Love it. Anxious for more soon

New Pathways in the Brain

Relaxing, stimulating and fun! Nothing like a few bent square tubes and a little red square to open new pathways in the brain! More, please!

Great game

Very entertaining & fairly challenging.

Simple Mind Twisting Fun

The title says it all. Well worth the time and money. :-)

Mazes in M.C. Escher Space

A simple puzzle game with mind twisting graphics. If you like Monument Valley, you'll probably like this.

Thumbs up

Terrific puzzler and high regard for UX.


Keeps the mind entertained


I love these type of puzzles and this game has so much content. Every puzzle give me a better challenge.

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